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I am Connie, (aka NONNIE), the name my adorable grandsons call me.  Along with the encouragement from my hubby honey, Phil, Nonnie's Kitchen became a reality. 
As a former teacher and software specialist, I enjoyed baking and dabbled in this wonderful art form as a hobby; the self-taught baker that I am.  Over the years, co-workers suggested I open my own bakery/sweet treats business.  They couldn't wait for the next "bake sale" knowing Connie would be making her Caramel/Choco Pretzels, Decorated Sugar Cookies  or Red Velvet cupcakes, just to name a few. 
The opportunity to begin a new phase in my life opened up and I took the leap of faith - Nonnie's Kitchen LLC, came to life in February, 2013. 
Michigan has a "Cottage Industry" law whereby having an "at-home" food business is permitted.  This business type permits face-to-face, email and phone based sales.    
To ensure you receive the best quality cookies/treats and presentation, we
bake decorate and package our products to order, based upon your needs.
No minimum order is required.
Please call or send me an email using the information at the bottom of this page or using the form found in the Contact Me tab.
Connie (aka Nonnie)
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